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Be You and F**k Everything Else

Dynamic streetwear clothing made in Canada.  Opposes societal norms and encourages people to express themselves the way they want.  An inclusive brand for people to be who they are.


We are the opposite of fast fashion.  All garments are handmade with a focus on quality and durability.  A well-made garment will last for years and contribute to the reduction of landfill waste.   


Smalls runs of each design.  We can almost positively say that you will be the only one in the room wearing it!


Super chill and comfortable is our mandate.  We put a lot of time and effort into creating unique patterns and silhouettes that look cool.


We do our best to reduce waste and make our environmental impact as small as possible.  Fabrics scraps are kept and used.  Left over fabrics from previous collections are incorporated into new collections ensuring fabric waste is kept to an absolute minimum.  Fabric and notions are purchased from Canadian retailers reducing shipping and carbon waste.

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